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Fundamentals Course.

This course covers the 7 fundamentals of shooting and various other aspects, such as working from the holster malfunction drills and reloading.

The course is set to the standard that the private security industry has to attain in order to issue armed guards a firearm. This is the perfect course for the newly qualified firearm owner or anyone who wishes to sharpen their firearm skills.

Safe weapons handling is greatly emphasized here in order to prepare the student for the defensive and advanced pistol courses.

Defensive Course.

This course builds on the fundamentals course and introduces the learner to more advanced methods of shooting in order to develop speed and implement more strategic thinking when confronted by a threat.

Skills taught are movement, use of cover and different shooting positions in order to gain the advantage. The learners will also be taught various different drills to increase their rate of fire while maintaining accuracy.

Advanced Course.

The perfect course for anyone that wants to know if they have chosen the correct firearm for them, as they will find out if they can manipulate the firearm and its controls effectively with a single hand.

Focus is placed on reloading, malfunction clearance and working from the holster single handed. Students will be taught effect manipulation of their firearm with just the dominant hand and support hand.

Price’s exclude Ammunition.

Training available for Handgun, Bolt Action ,Shotgun and Self Loading Rifle.

Private tuition is also available.

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