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Competency Training

Process in getting a licence
The process of getting a licence consists of three steps.
1. Practical training at an accredited centre.
2. Competency application with the Police.
3. On receiving the competency an application for the licence can be done with the South African Police services.
Competency training is offered at accredited firearm training centres.
The process is
Payment and registration will take place at the training centre as registration documents need to be completed. At registration the training material will be issued applicable to the firearm type the student would like to licence (Handgun, shotgun or rifle).
Once registration is completed the student will have to complete the Self-study portion at home.
Most students take two weeks to complete the Self-study.
Once the Self-Study is completed the student will then contact the training centre to make an appointment for their assessment.
On the day of assessment the student will attend a lecture on the self-study material they covered and also participate in a practical session.
In the practical session the student will be taught how to handle the firearm safely and also be taught how to fire the firearm accurately.
Once the Instructor is happy with the students handling of the firearm a qualification shoot will be done and the closed book test will be done.
On successful completion the training centre will award the student the competency training certificates and the application can then be done at the police.


Training available for Handgun, Manual Rifle ,Shotgun and Self Loading Rifle.

Private tuition is also available.

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