Defensive Strategies West is a Firearm Training Centre based in the West Rand of Gauteng. We provide Unit standard based training as well as skill builder training within the firearm industry. We also offer Skill Builder Training in order to enhance confidence and proficiency with a firearm. Skill builders focus on individual skills which the shooter would call on during a contact situation. Stress induction is introduced in order to better prepare the firearm owner. Various drills are run in order to better prepare the individual for any situations they may encounter during a life threatening situation, as well as better prepare the individual to act within the boundaries of the law. All training is conducted by PFTC accredited Tactical Firearms Instructors, with experience in various security industries, such as Anti-Poaching, CIT and Close Protection.Our competency training is accredited by PFTC and SAPS. In order to apply for a firearm licence within South Africa it is necessary to do competency training and then apply for competency with the South African Police Services. Competencey testing consists of an open book test, closed book test and qualification shoot. On completion of the course students will be given a certificate and statement of results. These documents will then be used to apply for competency with the local Designated Firearms Office situation at your local Police station.At Defensive Strategies West we encourage responsible firearm ownership, through education and accountability of our students. In depth explanations are given concerning the responsible use of firearms as well as what the law stipulates concerning the safe storage and usage of firearms.Students are taught safe weapons manipulation techniques that are tried and tested throughout the industry. Advice is also given on choosing the appropriate firearm for the intended application.